If Hillary Clinton thought she was home free because she is not going to be indicted for the crimes she has allegedly committed surrounding the unsecured email server, she would need to think again according to a piece in the Hill. Pressure is mounting for her top aides such as Huma Abedin and Jake Sullivan to be denied security clearances because of their involvement in the scandal. Some in Congress would like Clinton herself to be denied a security clearance unless or until she is elected president, which would prevent her from receiving the kind of briefings usually given to major presidential candidates.

The State Department has reopened its own investigation into the email service affair.

If Hillary Clinton is elected president, she will be exempt from the usual vetting process that involves getting a security clearance. The same cannot be said about her longtime aides such as Abedin and Sullivan. On the other hand, in theory at least, President Barack Obama could override any decision by government agencies to deny or revoke security clearances. He has proven quite willing to make decisions like that for his political convenience.

The political firestorm such an override would cause may be something he and Hillary Clinton think they can live with.

If Clinton’s long-term aides who were involved in the email server affair lose their security clearances, then any possible further employment in the federal government will be foreclosed to them. If Clinton is unable to receive national security briefings as a candidate, she will suffer a distinct disadvantage as Donald Trump would still receive such information sessions.

Clinton will have to look elsewhere than her inner circle to form her government, especially her foreign policy and national security team.

Clinton may not see the inside of a jail cell (though an investigation into the shady dealings at the Clinton Foundation may be ongoing) but her “carelessness” concerning posting classified information on an unsecured email server is still haunting her. That she flagrantly lied about it on multiple occasions has not helped either.

Against any candidate other than Donald Trump, Clinton would be doomed.

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