Most Americans will celebrate the 4th of July weekend by eating barbecue, enjoying fireworks, or even seeing a patriotic movie. Hillary Clinton gets to be deposed by FBI agents in the matter of her unsecured email service. Even if things do not transpire as they do on TV (“Ms. Clinton, you revealed the nation's secrets to Vladimir Putin, the Chinese, and the Iranians, didn’t you? Didn’t you?!” “No, that’s a lie!”) the session is bound not to be very comfortable.

The interrogation of Hillary Clinton is said to be the final act in the lengthy investigation into the emails servers.

It looks like the FBI would like to wrap things up and hand off their recommendation to indict or not to indict before the Democratic National Convention. That way, if Clinton becomes an accused felon, the Democrats would have time to choose someone else. In fact, the party insiders may well be plotting contingencies even as this is being written.

Attorney General Loretta Lynch has – kind of sort of – promised to accept what the FBI and her career prosecutors recommend. A theory being floated in some quarters is that the people doing the investigating know who controls their careers and will tailor their recommendations accordingly.

That supposes that President Obama is against indicting Hillary Clinton and would not want her charged instead out of spite. Besides, a politically motivated recommendation to not indict might prove awkward

In any case, high drama is about to ensue in the next two or three weeks as the world anxiously awaits the fate of Hillary Clinton. Does she skate yet again and is triumphantly nominated before a delirious crowd at the Democratic National Convention?

Or does she actually get charged with a crime, perhaps even with an arrest and a perp walk. It would be too much to ask for someone ringing a bell behind her chanting, “Shame! Shame!”

People have wanted to see the Clintons get they deserve for decades, only to be continuously forced to live with disappointment. For the event to happen at the very moment of Hillary Clinton’s greatest triumph would be Shakespearean in its scope and drama.

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