With Bernie Sanders’ official endorsement of Hillary Clinton that came Tuesday at the New Hampshire rally, all eyes are on the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee and who her choice of running mate will be. What we know about Clinton’s potential vice president candidate pool is that she is very open to choosing a female to run alongside her, creating the most historic presidential ticket.

But, people have noticed that the only female candidate that would work well with Clinton is Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who has the potential to mobilize those who sided with Sanders because of her record for advocacy in cutting college costs and fighting Wall Street abuse.

Who are the other choices?

Besides Warren, potential candidates include Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown, former mayor Julián Castro, Labor Secretary Tom Perez and N.J. Sen. Cory Booker.

Brown served in the House from 1993 until 2006 where he was known most for his opposition to free trade. Although Ohio Democrats see Brown as a good potential candidate, some would rather have Attorney General Richard Cordray because if Brown were to leave his Ohio seat, Gov. John Kasich would name a Republican to fill it.

As former mayor of San Antonio, Texas, Castro could help Clinton secure Latino votes and as Housing and Urban Development Secretary, he has experience in the White House and with President Obama. He also interned for President Clinton during his presidency. Castro is young age, and that could hurt his chances, but even that may help him rise among his competitors.

Organized labor supports Clinton

A bulk of Clinton’s support comes from organized labor, and if she partnered with Perez, that would only tighten the ties.

As head of DOL, Perez campaigned for voting rights and police misconduct, which seem to be a few of the issues facing Clinton as this campaign continues.

Another issue facing Clinton’s campaign is the rise of social media and their influence on voters. Clinton has used her Twitter account to connectwith Generation Y and Millennial voters, but to further her chances as president she may want to add someone like Booker to her ticket.

As a young, lively and active Twitter user, Booker can add an emphasis on socially liberal policies that he has been fighting since he put together a coalition of voters in 2008 for President Obama.

A few vice president hopefuls were invited on Tuesday to speak at the Democratic National Convention. Tim Kaine, Booker and Xavier Becerra are a few that will make appearances in Philadelphia while according to The New York Times, Warren has been given the prime speaking spot, which has notoriously not been a slot for the future vice president.

Whoever Clinton picks, she needs to be aware of what consequences that may place on the Senate and the House.

If she picks Booker or Brown, the Democrats will lose a seat in the Senate because the Republican governor will get to choose his temporary replacement.

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