Hillary Clinton spent her Saturday afternoon on the 4th of July weekend spending three and a half hours being grilled by FBI agents about her role in the matter of the unsecured email server. She claimed that she did so “voluntarily” though one cannot imagine how one volunteers to be deposed in a case that might involve criminal prosecution and a lengthy jail sentence.

The next step for the FBI will be to compare Clinton’s answers to all of the other evidence that it has acquired over the past months and then make a recommendation to indict or not to indict.

Some media citing unnamed sources are suggesting that a criminal prosecution is unlikely, though the only real evidence of that is that the Clintons have skated on so many cases of malfeasance on their parts before that this time should be no different. On the other hand, no one really knows except for the FBI agents and the prosecutors involved in the criminal investigation.

However, Clinton has already been damaged, thanks to the ham-handed attempt by her husband to, as many suspect, plea bargain for her in the private plane with Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

Clinton had appointed Lynch as a United States attorney in the 1990s and likely reminded her about that fact. The conversation probably consisted of winks and nods and no one believes it was about grandchildren.

Donald Trump and some in conservative media such as Rush Limbaugh are already loudly proclaiming that the fix is in, that Hillary Clinton will use her power and influence to escape prosecution in circumstances where others would surely find themselves in a courtroom.

Clinton will claim vindication as she always does, but she will have already been tainted and her political prospects damaged.

On the other hand, perhaps, this time, the political pundits will be confounded, and the FBI will recommend that Clinton should be indicted. She may have lied during the interrogation, so making false statements would be a prosecutable offense. If an indictment happens, the election will have taken yet another, surreal turn with Democrats scrambling to find a replacement.

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