The email scandal had been hogging the limelight for quite some time. The republican presidential likely nominee was accused of using her personal server to process official emails and there is every chance that a security leak could have taken place. This is not an outlandish thought as there are many like Edward Snowden floating around who may have taken advantage of Hillary's actions. The matter was serious and so the FBI started an investigation. As expected, despite a 3-hour grilling by the agency, the director James Coney has given a clean chit to Hillary.

He has added that she was only guilty of being extremely careless, but no case was made out for a prosecution

The FBI investigation.

In the extremely charged political atmosphere, the FBI director's announcement has taken a load off Hillary's chest. She was in danger of a prosecution while in the middle of her campaign. Now she can breathe easy. Not without reason. the GOP presumptive nominee Donald Trump has called the decision of the FBI as "fixed". There are many like Donald Trump who are not Republicans who are unhappy with the findings of the FBI.

As the AG had already announced that she would go by the recommendations of the FBI, there is nothing that can be done now and Hillary has the road clear to the white house. 

Bending the law.

The FBI director, while recommending that no criminal case was made out, commented that Hillary was extremely careless. This is a serious observation and the American public must think about whether they would like to put all their eggs in the basket of a leader who the FBI director has mentioned has been "extremely careless"  It will be a sad day when a candidate becomes the US president who was accused of being extremely careless.

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Democratic Party

James Coney let the cat out of the bag when he went on to say that there had been earlier prosecutions of individuals who had done the same thing, In this case, no prosecution is recommended as Hillary's intentions were clear. Thus there is no clear and universal law for all. In fact, the FBI has rewritten the law book to save Hillary. All in all the fact remains that in this election the American voter has very little choice.

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