Hillary Clinton has chosen Sen. Tim Kaine, D-Virginia to be her vice presidential running mate. The media is describing Kaine as the “safe choice” and in some respects this assessment is correct. But it is an option that seems calculated to drive the Bernie Sanders/Elizabeth Warren wing of the Democratic Party to fury.

Kaine is a centrist, someone who is business friendly, a religious Catholic, who is “personally” opposed to abortion, and is easy-going, a well-liked politician by both sides of the aisle.

He also speaks fluent Spanish, an asset for an election in which Hispanics are a key constituency, He has national security experience, serving on both the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and the Armed Services Committee. He has executive experience, having been a governor of Virginia. Unlike Clinton, Kaine has not a whiff of scandal to his name. Indeed, considering Donald Trump’s various shortcomings, Kaine might be better at the top of the ticket than at the bottom.

However, Bernie Sanders supporters, still smarting from the defeat of their candidate, are not likely to view the selection of Kaine with any great enthusiasm.

He has been described as the candidate Wall Street will like. Some might find that curious, considering the great diligence that Clinton has spent bashing Wall Street and the banking industry. But it has been noted before, Wall Street fund managers and bankers are among Clinton’s most generous campaign contributors. They, therefore, hold a lot of sway over her decisions, including her choice of a running mate.

Clinton has evidently decided that she has shored up her left flank and can therefore safely defy the progressives while she heads for the center for the general election. Considering how frightening that many find Trump, she also thinks that those left wingers who look upon her with suspicion have no choice but to bend the knee and vote for her. Whether Hillary Clinton is right or not remains to be seen.

If enough Democrats feel betrayed by the selection of Kaine, Clinton may rue the day she selected Kaine. But, as for now, she thinks she needs to reassure mainstream voters who are leery of her.

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