Since Donald Trump announced his Presidential campaign back in June, none of us have been able to escape him or his scandals. It seems like every time he's caught saying something that most people would consider racist, it's swept under the rug and we're all left stumped as to how this keeps happening. The truth is, Donald's racism is allowed and even ignored because it's just subtle enough to provide him plausible deniability, but still clear enough to resonate with his white supremacist voters. YouTuber and Feminist, ContraPointsanalyzes this phenomenon in his new video.

Dangerous Propaganda.

ContraPoints explains America's dirty past with fear mongering, and how Donald Trump is using it to his advantage in this election.

His statements about Mexican immigrants closely resemble the past justifications for lynchings against African Americans. White America'sinnate fear for black and brown skin can be easily manipulated if theright buttons are pushed. ContraPoints elaborates in his video:

"Terribly racist things were once justified using the same kinds of arguments that still appear in today's political discourse. Lynching apologists didn't usually say: 'I hate the blacks. Let's kill em' at random to keep them terrorized and in their place. They argued that lynching was a necessary measure to keep black criminalityin check."

Dog-whistle Politics.

Although Trump claims he wants toimprove America for everyone, it's very clear that white citizens are the main demographic he wishes to help and target.

His constant rehashing of the "good old days" can'twin him any points with minority groups because, for them, things are just getting "good". ContraPoints reveals Donald's not-so-subtle mission to connect with white Americans andtap into some of his followers' hidden racist beliefs. Donald's attack on Barack Obama's citizenship, racist slander of Mexican and Muslim residents, and initial reluctance to condemn KKK supporters are all examples of dog-whistle politics.


WhetherDonald Trump is a racist shouldn't be an argument you're still having with anyone, but make sure to share this video if it is. Also, remember to subscribe to ContraPoints on Youtube!

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