What are the allegations against Google?

Margrethe Vestager, the Commissioner from the European Union who is currently supervising the observance of European competition laws, stated on Thursday that Google was facing a third set of antitrust charges, also mentioning that the company had restricted the choices of its users. This would be the third such charge, since the first one concerned the Android operating system and the second one was related to its dominant position when it comes to online search engines.

Google had opposed these two previous allegations, announcing that there had been no violations of the EU’s competitiveness policies.

Ms. Vestager also told the press that although the IT giant had managed to bring incredible innovations to the market, it still didn’t have any right to hold its competition back by depriving rival companies of the chance to make their own innovative contributions. As an EC official, she believes that Google’s behavior in this regard has not been beneficial to consumers.

The Commission hasn’t yet succeeded against Google

However, the European Union’s competition authorities have not yet succeeded in their efforts of countering the company’s alleged anticompetitive practices in the EU region, in spite of the fact that the matter has been under investigation for approximately six years.

Is the EU biased against American giant companies like Google?

Moreover, there have also been suspicions that the EU authorities might have channeled their investigations in a somewhat biased manner toward huge American companiessuch as Facebook, Amazon or Apple.

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Still, the suspicions haven’t been confirmed and they might have been based on EU’s measures of implementing a set of privacy-related regulations that must be respected by companies in relation to their customers in the region.

The new policies are meant to protect the privacy of European internet users, not that of American users. It appears that the reason for the EU’s actions is related to the growing concern among EU citizensregarding a potential misuse of their private information by IT companies, especially by the American technology giants.

What’s the next step for Google?

It remains to be seen whether the IT giant manages to counter the European Commission’s case, as one of Google’s spokespersons stated that they were currently analyzing the case in order to prepare their formal and detailed response in the following months, as the deadline for the response was set for the fall.

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