Somewhat overshadowed by Donald Trump’s acceptance speech, the remarks made by Pete Thiel were well worth the listen, not just for what he said but for what he is. Thiel stated, toward the end of his speech, he said, “I am proud to be gay. I am proud to be a Republican. But most of all I am proud to be an American.” The crowd of hardcore, Trump loving Republicans went wild with delight. The sound of liberals’ heads exploding across the country was deafening.

Thiel’s passing reference to his sexual preference and his disagreement with certain parts of the Republican Platform was just in passing, though crucial to a change in the image of the GOP as being distinctly unfriendly to the LGBT community.

He addressed the crowd from the point of view of a Silicon Valley entrepreneur who looks upon the state of innovation around America, particularly its government, and finds it wanting beyond the narrow confines of the high tech industry where he works.

He reserved some snark for the Obama administration’s abandonment of space exploration and its setting the Middle East ablaze all in one sentence. “Instead of going to Mars we invaded the Middle East.” He also harkened back to the heady days of Apollo as something to be cherished and perhaps revived.

Thiel also touched on the bathroom debate and found it a distraction from the real problems facing the United States, which includes the obsolete technology the American military is forced to use, including floppy disks.

Thiel’s discontent with the state of the country explains why he is one of the most unlikely supporters of Donald Trump. Silicon Valley tends to be a distressingly liberal as it is stunningly innovative. The reasons have to be more with culture than economics. However, the attitude has created a kind of feudal system in parts of California with high tech moguls and Hollywood stars on top, the welfare class on the bottom, and the middle class being squeezed out.

Thiel is a rebel against that state of affairs. His perspective is something that would be most welcome in a potential Trump administration.

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