FBI Director James Comey addressed a group of reporters and the nation on the matter of Hillary Clinton’s unsecured email server. He concluded that Hillary Clinton had mishandled classified information on that server, some of which was classified when they were received or transmitted. He also found that while there was no direct evidence that the email server had been hacked by foreign actors, that by the very nature that the device had no security, such hacking would not have left any traces. These acts suggest that Hillary Clinton had violated the law.

However, Director Comey concluded that no “reasonable prosecutor” would bring charges against the former secretary of state.

Therefore the FBI would not recommend that an indictment be brought. Once again Hillary Clinton has skated.

The decision, in conjunction with the revelation that Attorney General Loretta Lynch conducted a secret meeting with former President Bill Clinton, gives the whole matter the stench of corruption and a cover-up. The story that Hillary Clinton, if elected, would keep Lynch on as Attorney General intensifies the odor.

The political fallout does not take a genius to predict.

Hillary Clinton and her supporters will loudly proclaim that she is vindicated.

They will demand that the nation “move on” and not linger on the fact that Clinton lied about receiving classified information that was classified at the time. Nor will the fact that just about anyone else would face prosecution under similar circumstances, which the director all but admitted. Her followers will accept the idea of Clinton’s “innocence” uncritically.

Donald Trump, as he has already, will point to the decision as more proof that the system is rigged for the powerful and well-connected.

His followers will almost certainly be incandescent with anger at the spectacle.

The outcome of the 2016 election will revolve around two things because of this decision. Will Trump and his supporters convince enough people that the end of the email server investigation constitutes a perversion of the justice system for the political convenience of a rich and powerful woman? Will enough people be ready to punish Hillary Clinton at the polls, since the justice system seems unable to?

Not only will the outcome of the election be decided, but the future of the United States as a country in which all are equal under the law will be determined.

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