Dustin Johnson is number 2 in the world of golf, moving into that spot after his victory at the U.S. Open, so backing out of the Olympics and taking himself off the U.S. Golf team wasn't a decision he made lightly. Johnson's concern over theZika virus was the reason he won't be representing the U.S. in golf at the Olympics in Brazil.

No room for looming Zika in family planning

Much like many of the other men on the PGA Tour, Johnson is a young guy who is at the age where many are either starting or adding to their family.

He andhis fiancée, Paulina Gretzky, have an 18-month old son, Tatum and they plan to have more children. If he were to contract the Zika virus and bring it home, he would put his healthy toddler and wife at risk. Also the possibility of that virusleading to a life of anguish and pain for a future child is not a risk he's willing to take.

Johnson won't throw caution to the wind

The videos and pictures of the infants who were born to mothers who contracted the Zika virusare enough to break anyone's heart.

He couldn't throw caution to the wind and play in Brazil with the virus running rampant. He did say he knows there will be people out there who will be critical of his decision, but he believes he is making the right decision for his family.

As a young man in the process of growing a family, many would agree that this was the only decision Johnson could make. He is not alone in his Olympic exit, he is actually the 13th PGA player to back out.

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While some have not offered up an excuse, others have said "no" to taking a chance at catching this virus that is capable of causing devastation to an unborn child. So what is the U.S. Golf Teamgoing to look like in Rio?

U.S. Golf Team pieced together

With the number 1 player in the world, Jason Day, and Rory Mcllroy, who comes in as number 4 on the list of top players in the world, also bowing out, the team is looking somewhat pieced together.

Only one of the top four players for the U.S. Team is headed for the Olympics and that would be Bubba Watson, who occupies the top 3 slot on the list of the best golfers in the world.

Black cloud of Zika

Sadly the threat of Zika has put a dark cloud over the excitement of the sport of golf being welcomed back into the Olympics for the first time since 1904. No one has been able to go for the Olympic Gold in golf since it was last played in St.

Louis that last year, which is where the summer Olympics were held, reports MSN News. It has been over a century since the game of golf has graced the biggest sporting event in the world. It is hard to believe that the prospect of a tiny mosquito carrying an even smaller virus has knocked some of the world's greatest players from the U.S. out of the game.

If a pregnant woman were to contract Zika, which can also be transmitted through sexual relations with someone carrying the virus, her child has the possibility of being born with the horrendous birth defect of microcephaly, as well as other birth defects.

No one can blame Johnson for using an abundance of caution when it comes to family planning.

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