French media are reporting that a speeding tractor trailer deliberately plowed into a large crowd leaving Thursday Bastille Day celebrations in the French Riviera town of Nice.

The latest developments:

The large crowd was leaving a display of fireworks in honor of the French holiday, Bastille Day, on Thursday around midnight. The speeding large truck rammed directly into those leaving the fireworks celebration display, killing dozens and injuring more than one hundred others. French authorities have begun investigating this gruesome event as potentially another terror attack on French soil.The truck slammed into the crowd and, soon after, a violent gun fight between the currently unidentified driver of the truck erupted with police as celebration witnesses fled for shelter.

Alpes-Maritimes prefectural authorities urged residents and those close to the incident to remain inside while police officers, ambulances, and other paraprofessionals sped to the scene. Those who were present have described seeing a large white truck speeding onto the well known Promenade des Anglais just as people were leaving following the annual Bastille Day celebratory fireworks.Those who witnessed the carnage said the truck rammed the area where the crowd was considerably concentrated most while heading well above 30 mph. Photos shown on French television showed the truck’s cab riddled with holes from gunfire following the firefight between the lone driver and officers. Other accounts said the driver of the truck was pulled from the truck and beaten.Eye witnesses reported the nightmarish scenes with “dead bodies everywhere." Many videos have emerged of people fleeing the promenade and have been shared on social media.

Feared Terror Attack

Many Bastille Day attendees fear that the incident was planned as the country was already on a high security alert. The country’s leader, Francois Hollande, away for a summit, has been said to be on his way back to France in light of the attack.This is a developing story.

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