Donald Trump is turning heads once more as all the shining stars in the Republican Party have been completely overlooked during his search for a vice president running mate. Would you expect Trump to do anything different? Not many would, especially those who support Trump for president as he has said all along he wants to fix what's wrong with this nation and those shining stars have been part of the Washington elite for quite some time.

Trump is quintessential non-traditional candidate

Tradition seems to dictate picking someone who is considered a top vote grabber among the Republican Party, but that is not what Trump is going for.

People in the GOPseem to be rather astonished that Nikki Haley of South Carolina, who the New York Times describe as a "natural ally" of Mitt Romney, hasn't even turned Trump's head.

Trump's pick

The mystery of Trump's pick for a vice presidential running mate will be revealed within the next few days. The people close to him on the campaign trail believe it will be one of three on Trump's shortlist. That would be Newt Gingrich, Chris Christie or Mike Pence. While predicting who a presidential candidate will pick off their shortlist might have been easy to do in the past, you are talking about Donald Trump here.

Along comes a Democratic General

While all three mentioned have been in Trump's scope, he may surprise even his closest confidants by picking someone that no one's predicted.

With Retired Army Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn recently making news as someone considered by Trump as a possible running mate, he's turned even more heads. Flynn couldvery possibly rise abovethe top three predicted vice president choices of Gingrich, Christie and Pence.

Trump polar opposite of Obama in 'listening' style

Flynn appeared on Fox and Friends Tuesday morning and he conveyed how he would be honored to work with Trump in the few capacities floating around today tagged to the retired General. Even if he doesn't get the VP nod, chances are Trump will find a security post for Flynn.

He told the Fox News folks that his impression of Trump is that he is a man that listens. This is much more than he can say for the current president, who never once met with Flynn while held the highest security position in the land as the Pentagon's top intelligence officer.

Flynn would be the first general to appear on one of the majority party's tickets in over 50 years if he were Trump's pick for his vice president. Not to mention as a Democrat, Flynn would make this the first Republican-Democrat ticket since 1864. This sounds like something right out of a Trump book, the man who thinks outside the box.

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