When Team Trump chose Indiana Gov. Mike Pence to be Donald Trump’s vice presidential running mate, the theory was that Pence would provide reassurance to the conservative wing of the Republican Party. He may lack the charisma of Newt Gingrich or the street brawler quality of Chris Christie, but Pence is a solid conservative not given to saying or doing alarming things. However, Jesse Ventura, former Navy frogman, the former wrestler, former action star, former governor of Minnesota, and current conspiracy nut is pretty sure that Trump has signed his death warrant by choosing Pence, a solid establishment figure, albeit conservative.

Mind, Ventura, who has been occupied in a legal vendetta against the family of Chris Kyle, the American Sniper, admires Trump and sees him as a kindred spirit. Nevertheless, he believes, as fervently as he believes that 9/11 was an inside job, that Trump’s days are numbered.

The theory goes something like this: The Republican establishment is scared to death of Trump. Pence, on the other hand, is the sort sound but dull fellow that they feel comfortable with. So, using the same playbook that JFK conspiracy theories believe was used to assassinate President Kennedy, the boys in the back room are already plotting Trump’s death.

The scenario is that a Mexican or a Muslim, preferably someone who is both, will be set up as a patsy. Trump will be killed in some public place, removing the possibility of either a loss in November or, worst from the point of view of the conspirators, a win. Pence will become the nominee and, on a way of public sentiment, will crush Hillary Clinton in the general election.

Richard Condon could not have written it better.

All that is needed is the dim senator, the evil mom, and befuddled war vet playing that little game of solitary. No doubt the resulting regime will make martial law seem like anarchy.

Ventura has often been as entertaining as he has been annoying. But imagining the murder of a presidential candidate in this year that has thus far seen race riots and terrorist attacks may just be a little bit too raw.

And Trump as the martyred hero like Bobby Kennedy? May heaven forbid.

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