While Hillary Clinton promised to double down on Obamacare and even add a “public option” Donald Trump addressed an example of a government-run health care system, run by the Department of Veterans Affairs, which has gone horribly wrong. At a speech in Virginia Beach, Trump promised that he would form a commission to root out the corruption and dysfunction in the veterans’ health care system that would inform a legislative package of reform. He also reiterated a promise to allow veterans a “private option” to seek out treatment for service related injuries from private doctors and other health care providers.

Trump promised to use all his legal authority to ferret out the corruption and root it out, including the use of executive orders.

The VA health care system has created a scandal in which secret waiting lists were revealed on which some veterans seeking treatment were placed. A number of veterans died while on those waiting lists, having been effectively denied treatment that they had been promised as part of their service to the United States. The Obama administration has thus far dithered and not addressed the underlining problems facing the veterans’ health care system.

Hillary Clinton, Trump’s presumed Democratic opponent, has offered little besides platitudes.

Thus far the 2016 election has focused on character rather than policy. Is Donald Trump too crazy to be president? Is Hillary Clinton too evil? But Trump’s VA health care reform proposals represents an attempt to advance the case for his being elected the president based on superior policy.

The VA health care scandal is just one of many to arise from the Obama administration.

But the spectacle of veterans, many of whom risked their lives in service to the United States, dying from neglect is one that has hit particularly home. The lack of urgency on the part of President Obama to address the problem, especially when compared with the energy with which he deals with questions that interest him, such as illegal immigration, is telling. It suggests a kind of disdain for the men and women whom he is commander in chief of.

Sadly elections have consequences, among which is the needless deaths of America’s heroes.

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