Kansas appears to be staying true to its long tradition of supporting Republican candidates for president of the United States. A poll released Sunday gives Republican Donald Trump with 44-percent so far, with 27 percent backing Democrat Hillary Clinton. Libertarian Party nominee Gary Johnson has 7 percent, another 8 percent of the support is going to other minor candidates, and 9 percent are undecided. The poll was conducted by the Docking Institute of Public Affairs at Fort Hays State University.

The poll was published Sunday by newspapers sponsoring the poll, including the Topeka Capital-Journal. Full results will be available Monday on the university website.

Kansas has gone GOP for 50 years.

Results of the early polling should not come as a surprise. The last Democrat to carry Kansas in a general election was Lyndon Johnson, who defeated Barry Goldwater there in 1964. The state has produced several national Republican leaders, including Bob Dole, the former Senate majority leader, 1976 GOP vice presidential nominee and 1996 presidential nominee.

Dole is supportive of Trump, being the only former GOP presidential nominee to participate in last week’s Republican National Convention. Dole, at 93, was not quite up to addressing the convention but was a frequent, smiling member of the audience who was saluted from the podium and greeted by many well-wishers.

General election could be nail-biter.

Nationally, the election is close. An average of national opinion polls maintained by Real Clear Politics shows Clinton ahead with 41 percent in a four-way race with Trump, Johnson and presumptive Green Party presidential nominee Jill Stein.

Trump is shown with 37.6 percent support, Johnson with 8.1 percent and Stein with 3.9 percent. Candidates need 15-percent support to be invited to participate in this fall’s presidential debates.

Will Sanders supporters go Green?

Stein is hoping she can gain the support of Bernie Sanders supporters, who are going through a new round of anger over Wikileaks email dumps that disclose Democratic National Committee staffers helped Clinton over Sanders in the Democratic primaries.

Political controversies can be short-lived, however, so it remains to be seen how many Democrats will actually go Green.

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