When it became clear that Donald Trump was going to become the Republican presidential nominee, speculation quickly began about who he would chose for his running mate. After Trump officially decided on Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, the reception was lukewarm at best, leaving the billionare real estate mogul in the position of having second thoughts.

Trump not happy

Names like former half-term Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and former Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer were early candidates to join the ticket, but Trump decided to go in a different direction. With Pence and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich reportedly making the final two, the billionaire real estate mogul went with Indiana governor, pleasing many establishment Republicans, but leaving other supporters with opposition.

Despite this, the reaction to Pence was not what Trump expected as he voiced his displeasure to many in his campaign, as reported by The Hill on July 17.

According to The Hill, Trump was "frustrated" with how his vice president roll-out was handled, and received by the public, media, and members of the Republican party. Last week it was reported that Trump was on the phone with campaign aides until past midnight on the night before he announced Pence was on the ticket, allegedly finding ways to back out and replace his running mate with someone else.

Cabinet announcement

In an interview with "Aaron Klein Investigative Radio" on Sunday, former campaign advisor and current Trump ally, Roger Stone, revealed that the former host of "The Apprentice" was ready to announce who will be in his Cabinet if defeats Hillary Clinton in November.

According to Stone, Trump will make the announcement at the Republican National Convention, and while not confirmed, Gingrich has openly said he would be willing to serve in a Trump Cabinet if asked.

Election forecast

Following the conclusion of the convention later this week, Trump will head into the general election against the former Secretary of State.

While Trump has been able to cut into his election deficit, he still trails Clinton by just under five points in the most recent round of polling.

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