If anyone wondered why Ted Cruz declined to endorse Donald Trump, Trump removed all doubt in a speech to volunteers in Cleveland the day after the convention. He spent at least ten minutes laying into Cruz and relitigating the Heidi Cruz insult and the accusation that Cruz’s dad was somehow involved with the JFK assassination. The performance even had some of Trump’s supporters agog on social media.

Trump started by disputing Cruz’s claim that he had run by his speech before his people and that it was approved.

He accused the senator from Texas of “subtly” altering the written speech as he delivered it.

Trump also said that Cruz will come around and endorse him anyway but that he would reject that endorsement.

The presidential candidate reiterated that notion that Cruz insulted his wife first by allowing a PAC to release a risqué picture of Melania. He does not buy the idea that Cruz cannot control what a PAC does, though by law he has to. In effect, Trump accused Cruz of violating campaign finance laws.

Finally, Trump, while backing off on the accusation that Rafael Cruz was somehow involved in a JFK assassination plot, doubled down on the claim that the picture in the National Enquirer that purported to show the young Cruz in the same room as Lee Harvey Oswald. After all, he actually said, the Enquirer would not print something that was untrue.

Trump must have been aware that people were suddenly having second thoughts after this rant because he reminded the audience that Hillary Clinton would nominate horrible supreme court justices (which she would), and he would appoint good ones (we’ll see).

The horrible aspect about this performance is that it increasingly is ceasing to matter. Trump’s supporters don’t care so long as Trump will solve their fears for their economic and physical safety. Even the media is in the mode of, “Trump has gotta trump.”

Meanwhile, Cruz must be shaking his head sadly. He is not the only one. At least he will be in the Senate just in case President Trump needs adult supervision.

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