Bernie Sanders is not going to be president, either as a Democrat or as a Green Party candidate, should he decide he is feeling vengeful. But his influence, for good or ill, is being felt in the creation of the Democratic Party Platform. The platform will call for an increase in the minimum wage to $15 an hour. It does not call for universal health care, which Sanders favors, but does require significantly increased spending for Medicare and community hospitals while offering Obamacare to illegal aliens.

Sanders lost on trade as the platform will not include a plank opposing the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which he and, incidentally, Donald Trump opposes.

Hillary Clinton is desperate to appease Sanders and his supporters without going so far to the left as to alienate traditional Democratic voters. The effort has caused the Democrats to embrace some seriously bad policy proposals, however.

An increase in the minimum wage to $15 an hour sounds great to a particular section of the Democratic base, but would actually be devastating for low-skilled workers.

In cities such as Seattle and San Francisco where the $15 an hour minimum wage is in effect, small businesses have already started to cut employees or close down altogether. Some companies, such as fast food chains, have begun to automate, a process that would reduce work forces on the lower end and, ironically, benefit Democratic campaign donors in Silicon Valley.

Obamacare has been, by every account, a disaster, causing skyrocketing increases in premiums and copays and impacting the quality of patient care negatively.

Ms. Clinton is sharp enough to eschew a Canadian-style government-run health care system as that would cause rationing and would be unacceptable to American voters. But she is also avoiding some of the radical reforms that will be necessary to fix the devastating effects of the Affordable Care Act. Her promises to increase spending will doubtless explode the deficit even further without addressing the overall problems in the Obamacare system.

Hillary Clinton will be under no obligation to accept any of the policies in the platform should she be elected president. However, the party platform represents dysfunction in the way the Democrats develop policy.

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