The fallout from the WikiLeaks revelation of the hacked Democratic National Committee email files proceeds apace. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the chair of the DNC, has been dumped from the list of speakers at the Democratic National Convention. The leaked emails revealed a systematic effort at the DNC to undermine the candidacy of Sen. Bernie Sanders, the venerable but popular socialist from Vermont, to ensure that nomination of Hillary Clinton. The national committees of political parties are supposed to be neutral during the primary process, trusting in the voters to decide on the best candidate to be nominated by a party for president of the United States.

Sanders and his supporters have claimed all along that the Democratic primary process was rigged against their candidate. Debates were scheduled at odd days and odd hours so that Clinton, whose debating skills leave much to be desired, did not embarrass himself in front of a prime-time audience. The so-called super delegates, office holders and party officials who could vote for the candidate they chose, voted for Clinton.

The emails revealed even darker strategies, such as accusing Sanders of being an atheist, which would cut against him for religious voters.

“Are you or have you ever been someone who did not believe in God?”

The dumping of Debbie Wasserman Schultz from the speakers list is hardly going to appease the outraged Sanders supporters. They are gathering in Philadelphia to make their voices heard, both inside and outside the convention hall. In the meantime, Donald Trump is taking full advantage of the dust-up, tweeting that Sanders was right, the system is rigged, and inviting his followers to rally to his campaign.

Hillary Clinton has expected the Democratic National Convention to be a coronation, a well scripted four-day commercial touting her virtues and denigrating the other side. Democrats had even sneered at the raucous nature of the Republican National Convention, such as when Ted Cruz was booed for refusing to endorse Trump. Now every possibility exists for unplanned and unwanted excitement to occur at the Democratic National Convention as well.

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