Debbie Wasserman Schultz has tendered her resignation as chair of the Democratic National Committee, effective Thursday when the Democratic National Convention is to be concluded. Donna Brazile, an old retainer of Bill and Hillary Clinton, will take over that post through the election, pending a party vote during the convention.

Wasserman Schultz has been in the middle of a firestorm ever since WikiLeaks released a number of hacked emails from the DNC that indicated that it was plotting against Sen.

Bernie Sanders, a socialist from Vermont, who was proving to be an active opponent of Hillary Clinton’s. The bylaws of the DNC state that the committee has to remain neutral throughout the primary process among the various candidates.

Bernie Sanders and his supporters have now been vindicated in their belief that the political game was rigged against them all along. Sanders, who called on Wasserman Schultz to resign, is not likely to be mollified and his supporters even less so. The Sanders wing of the Democratic Party is likely to make their displeasure know.

Donald Trump, the Republican nominee, reacted with glee. Indeed the affair of the hacked emails had become a gift to the GOP, whose convention was rocked with dissension and acrimony when Sen. Ted Cruz pointedly refused to endorse Trump. Wasserman Shultz and others were making hay over the fact that the Republican National Convention has become a little too exciting for comfort.

Wasserman Schultz is a member of Congress and is facing a stiff primary challenge from millionaire Tom Canova.

Democratic voters could use that primary race to punish her by declining to vote for her and selecting Canova instead. Bernie Sanders has already pledged to campaign against Wasserman Schultz. She is going to have to work hard to keep her seat and thus avoid having her political fall completed.

Sanders, incidentally, has a prime time speaking slot at the Democratic National Convention. Considering the WikiLeaks revelations and the fall of Debbie Wasserman Schultz, a lot of people will likely tune in to hear what the venerable, curmudgeonly socialist from Vermont has to say.

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