Downtown Dallas was like a war zone when a shooting that specifically targeted police officers broke out at the end of a peaceful Black Lives Matter protest. This Dallas shooting is being described as an "ambush" targeting police officers. In total 12 people were shot, including 11 police officers and one civilian. Five officers are dead, leaving sixlaw enforcement officers and one civilianwounded and in the hospital.

Dallas shooting well planned out.

This highly sophisticated and coordinated attack in the streets of Dallas targeted police officers, but the one civilian who was shot happened to be near a group of police officers taking pictures at the time the shooting broke out.

In all this crossfire only one civilian was injured which brings the total number of shooting victims to 12, which includes 11 officers and the one civilian shot. New reports on Friday morning indicate that the five dead police offers were all men, according to Fox and Friends live. There are three women among the wounded, two police officers and the one civilian.

Gunman wanted to kill 'white police officers'

A Dallas Police press conference was held early Friday morning and what was learned is that the suspect did not shoot himself as originally reported. It was an IED(improvised explosive device) that blew up - killing him. It was the gunman's own bomb that exploded when the bomb squad sent a robot in to retrieve one of the bombs near the suspect.

Before the gunman died, He said he was upset about "Black Lives Matter." He also wanted to "kill white people, especially officers." He said he was "not affiliated" with any groups. He also said there were IEDs planted around the downtown Dallas area, which the "police will eventually find." So, far nothing has been found during the investigation.

Gunmen strategically placed.

When the shooting broke out people ran in the opposite direction, but the gunmen were strategically placed and the crowd ran into another gunman who was waiting. Civilians were not targeted, it was the men and women in uniform that these gunmen put in their scopes. There were two gunmen on the ground and two above the streets of Dallas on the rooftops, according to the Dallas Observer.

Three gunmen in custody not talking.

One of the four gunmen are dead, but police took three into custody. Unlikemany of theother mass shootings in recent times, this horrific incident ended with three suspects in custody. The two men and one woman will be interrogated and officials are hoping to find out the origin and motive for this cold-blooded murder of five officers. It is not known at this time if there are any more suspects affiliated with this Crime still unaccounted for.

Gunman yells out warning before dying.

"The end is coming... more officers will be dead soon," is what the gunman shouted to police officers before the IED went off, killing him.The downtown area of Dallas is a crime scene with streets and buildings closed.

This incident happened less than 1,000 feet away from the place where a fatal gunshot hit John F. Kennedy decades ago. This is the worst loss of life in the law enforcement community since the 9/11 attacks.

Not impromptu attack.

The three suspects in custody are not cooperating with police, report officials. The video below of a gunman is believed to be the one suspect who died in the IED explosion. This strategically orchestrated shooting appears to point to these gunmen having some type of training. The investigation is on-going as the city of Dallas is in mourning today. Below is a video from the BBC, which shows one of the gunmen during the shooting.

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