Black Lives Matter is reacting to the Dallas police shootings that occurred late Thursday night. The group is disturbed at the needless killings of five white law enforcement officers in the aftermath of two black men who were killed at the hands of police in recent days in both Minnesota and Louisiana.The group said on Friday that the movement advocates dignity, not murder.

Gun suspect denied affiliation with anti-police movement

Dallas Police Chief David Brown told reporters that the gunman acknowledged the anti-police-violence movement, but denied being a part of the BLM organization. The suspect was identified as Micah Xavier Johnson of Mesquite.

Authorities tried to negotiate with him for many hours until they sent in a bomb-equipped robot that police detonated, killing Johnson.Johnson, who was a U.S. Army veteran, said he was upset by police shootings and "wanted to kill white people."

Reports initially suggested there were two suspects in the sniper ambush, but police believe Johnson acted alone. They are not ruling out that anyone else was involved, however. So far, investigators see no ties between Johnson and an extremist group.The suspect had no prior combat duties while in military service. His record shows he worked as a carpenter and in masonry. In his talks with cops, Johnson said the "end is coming" and claimed bombs were situated in various places downtown.

After a search, no explosive devices were found.When talks broke down, police had no choice but to send in a robot containing a bomb in it that they detonated.

Victims killed identified

Victims killed in the Dallas police shootings are: Brent Thompson, 43; Patrick Zamarripa, 32, Michael Krol, 40, Loren Ahrens; and another officer identified as Michael Smith.

Black Lives Matter was not the only one to speak out against the horrific shootings in Dallas. President Obama, who reacted to the deaths of two black men by white police officers, also spoke against the gun violence in Texas.Obama ordered all flags at the White House and all public buildings and venues be lowered at half-staff.

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