One woman’s graceful act of resistance during a Black Lives Matter rally in Baton Rouge, Louisiana has instantly turned into a powerful symbolof the movement after it was captured in a remarkable photo that encapsulates the struggle between U.S. law enforcement and black Americans like no words could.It was shot by a New Orleans-based photographer, Jonathan Bachman of Reuters, who was covering the Black Lives Matter protest that was being held outside Baton Rouge police headquarters this weekend.

Instant icon, legendary symbol

The stunning photograph shows police fully decked out in full riot armor swooping in on a graciously poised, elegantly dressed young African-American woman, to throw the cuffs on her and whisk her off.

The photo swept across social media like wildfire with many calling it an iconic image that will stand as a legendary representation of the anti-police brutality protests for many years to come. Many have also remarked that the moment and the photo both evoke the unknown “Tank Man” of Tiananmen Square

Who is this protester?

The woman in the photograph, who has since been identified by several news outlets as Leshia Evans, a 28-year old mother and nurse, calmly stood her ground and refused to budge when the police in riot gear were moving protesters off the Airline Highway to the side of the road.Bachman turned and saw Evans just in time to capture her dignified stoic pose just before she was arrested for blocking a public roadway.

She was released from police custody late Sunday evening.

Over 100 other protesters were also arrested Saturday during the protest that came after last week’s death of Alton Sterling -- shot repeatedly by two officers, outside a Baton Rouge convenience store. Among the arrested were at least three journalists as well as prominent activist DeRay Mckesson.

Protests were organized and held all over the country for the shooting deaths of Sterling in Baton Rouge and Philando Castileduring a traffic stop in a suburb of St. Paul, Minnesota.

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