Former President Bill Clinton took to the podium of the Democratic National Convention and, in his sweet as molasses southern voice, attempted to tell the love story of Bill and Hillary. “In the spring of 1971, I met a girl.” Erich Segal could not have written a sparer but a more poignant line. The difference between Hillary Rodham and Jennifer Cavilleri is that the real life would be president of the United States was likely the most earnest, annoying woman ever to live in the 1970s.

The Hillary of the imagination is forever running from one social justice cause to another, a narrative that was meant to describe someone who cared about others.

When she got older, she was chairing this committee and running that task force. Someone, in between all of that frantic activity, she got married to Bill after years of his harassing her and managed to bear and raise a daughter, Chelsea.

Of course, Bill Clinton had to do two things to make sure that his narrative was not some satire from the pen of Tom Wolfe. He heavily edited certain bits, like that fact that he cheated shamelessly on his “best friend” and the various cruel things she did to people, like a 14-year-old rape victim whom she slandered as a slut to get a 40 something pervert off or Vince Foster whom she aggravated into suicide.

The Clinton Foundation, Benghazi, and the email server scandal, not to mention Whitewater and Travelgate went unmentioned.

The other thing that Clinton did to try to sell the Clinton restoration was to lie shamelessly. The idea that she would improve any hot spot by being dropped into it was laughable, considering that she helped set the Middle East on fire when she was secretary of state. To be sure many people wondering if we could put that to the test by parachuting her into the Islamic State.

The fact that the gentle reader has to understand about the Clintons is that neither of them is capable of love in the sense that most people understand it. Their marriage is less a love story as it is a sordid political alliance. Ambition, not romance has kept them together. That is why they stayed together so that he could become president and now, or so they hope, she can in her turn.

The evening ended with a montage of the past presidents of the Unites States followed by a graphic of Hillary Clinton’s face bursting through a glass something.

All it needed was the female track star running down the aisle and tossing a shot put into it. But instead, we got the woman of destiny herself, with a group of scared children, announcing how pleased she was of making history. But what sort is too soon to be seen.

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