The chanting and acrimony that featured the first day of the 2016 Democratic Convention segued to the usual speech making, with the usual dissemination, hypocrisy, and class warfare. Sen. Corey Booker shouted a lot against rugged individualism. Michelle Obama slyly wrapped partisanship in motherhood, making the crowd forget how much she really loathes and despises Hillary Clinton. Sen. Elizabeth Warren gave a low octane of upon the themes of “you didn’t build that” and “that Donald Trump really is evil.” No attempt was made to appeal to Trump voters or independents.

The speeches were all directed to the party faithful.

But everyone was looking forward to Sen. Bernie Sanders. Would he hit the Democrats hip and thigh for the #DNCLeaks revelations? Would he defy the perfidy of Hillary Clinton and her ilk?

Sadly, for Sanders supporters, the venerable socialist from Vermont offered his surrender to Hillary Clinton, even in the face of how the Democrats ensured that his candidacy would go nowhere. While he celebrated his foredoomed candidacy and thanked his followers, he also made a full-throated case for why Hillary Clinton should become president.

The look on the faces of Sanders supporters on the floor of the convention was telling. Some wept. Others growled in defiance. One could imagine them as going through the emotions of any defeated army, like the British at Yorktown stacking arms to the music of “The World Turned Upside Down” or the men of the Army of Northern Virginia hearing Marse Robert tell them that it was all over at Appomattox.

The goal of the first night was to try to get the convention and the Democratic Party united again after it had been torn asunder by the #DNCLeaks revelations. Polling taken last week suggests that the vast majority of Bernie Sanders supporters will eventually bend the knee and fall into line behind Hillary Clinton. But even ten percent staying home or voting Green or Trump would be fatal for the candidate’s chances.

Donald Trump is already making a full court attempt to attract as many Sanders supporters as possible, as is Jill Stein of the Green Party.

In short, Sanders choose the course that Ted Cruz could not by surrendering to the other candidate who had so thoroughly abused and humiliated him. The spectacle was sad and telling at the same time.

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