In a strange twist to an already twisty election year, Jill Stein, the presumptive nominee of the Green Party has offered to step aside if Bernie Sanders will just say the word and decide to run as a third party candidate himself. Sanders has not yet conceded the Democratic nomination, though rumor has it that he intends to publicly endorse Hillary Clinton at an event in the near future. In the meantime, Sanders has been negotiating to put his stamp on the Democratic Party Platform.

Sore loser laws would serve as an impediment for Sanders to run third party at this point, denying him access to the ballot in a number of states.

Nevertheless, were he to choose to run, he could do Clinton lots of damage.

On the other hand, Sanders has pledged to do his utmost to defeat Donald Trump. His running third party would be seen as guaranteeing that Trump wins as it would siphon left-leaning voters away from Clinton.

Sanders voters are unhappy at the prospect of Hillary Clinton becoming president. They regard her as a Wall Street sell-out and corrupt, willing to hand out favors to the highest bidder. Some will no doubt vote for the Green Party whether or not Sanders runs on that ticket. Some will stay at home. Others may even vote for Donald Trump as a protest and due to the fact that the mercurial real estate tycoon is seen as an outsider against the elites, albeit from a different direction from Sanders.

Sanders was likely waited to see if the FBI would recommend an indictment of Clinton due to the email server affair. That option has beem foreclosed, but FBI Director James Comey’s narrative of Clinton’s misdeeds was devastating. Clinton may still be under investigation for matters surrounding the Clinton Foundation.

She is suspected of selling her office as secretary of state in return for contributions to the Foundation, widely seen as a slush fund for the enrichment of the Clinton family.

All depends on who Sanders hates more, Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. The outcome of the election could turn on the answer to that question.

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