The New York Times reports that a new name has entered the Donald Trump veepstakes. The presumed Republican presidential candidate will meet Sen. Joni Ernst, R-Iowa. Ernst checks off a number of boxes that would serve Trump in good stead were she to be picked as his running mate. She is obviously a woman, a demographic that Trump needs to improve his standing with. She is young, at 46, which would help balance Trump’s advanced age of 70. She was a Lt. Colonel in the Iowa National Guard and served in Iraq.

She is a tea party favorite, another demographic that Trump could stand to improve his popularity with.

The one drawback for Ernst is that she has only been in national elected office for about a year and a half, though to be fair that is 18 months more experience that Trump has.

Ernst captured the imagination of Americans when she released her first campaign commercial in which she related how she grew up on her father’s farm castrating hogs and that she was prepared to do the same to porkers in Washington.

Her Democratic opponent, who sneered at the fact that Ernst was a farmer’s daughter (in Iowa!) never stood a chance.

Ernst has that Midwestern plain speaking style and practicality that would serve her in good stead on the stump and in the debates. One would pay money to see her go up against her fellow senator, Elizabeth Warren, who has the air of a prissy academic and a liberal scold. She has all of the advantages that Sarah Palin had in 2008 and the benefit that the Democratic attack machine has not gone to work on her.

Palin’s example will serve her in good stead in countering what would be an inevitable smear campaign.

Of course, Ernst has not been selected for anything yet. Trump has also met with Mike Pence, the current governor of Indiana. Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie have also been mentioned as possible running mates. While Trump has many disadvantages, mainly due to his personality, a lack of talent to create an administration, starting with vice president, is not among them.

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