Andrea Tantaros suddenly vanished from Fox News in April and it doesn't appear that she's been captured in a photo or a video since that time. While Tantaros has surfaced for radio interviews promoting her new book, All Tied Up in Knots, there's not a recent image of her found online since her ousting from Fox. Her popularity hasn't waned, as it is reflected in the amount of searches for "Where is Andrea Tantaros"that pop up on a frequent basis.

Mysterious disappearance.

When Tantaros was first mysteriously missing from her Fox News show Outnumbered, many believed it was due to her relentless support of Donald Trump, but with the many supporters of Trump on the air at Fox News, this didn't appear to be the case.

Finally after speculation ran rampant online, Fox News released a brief statement claiming "contract issues" was the root for Tantaros taking a hiatus. At this time they also stated that theOutnumbered cast member was still under contract with Fox, but they neglected to drop so much as a hint of a timeline for her return to the cable news channel.

Tantaros outspoken.

Tantaros was often described as "outspoken" and she did rub some folks up the wrong way. She never attempted to hide her lack of support for President Obama or Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. That's putting it mildly, but this is what drew people in when it came to Tantaros; she wasn't afraid to say what many were thinking but were afraid to voice.

Where's the paparazzi when you want them?

It is odd that not one picture of Tantaros has surfaced in months. You would think that with all the interested fans some photographer would catch the much missed Outnumbered host while she's out and about at a store or a restaurant. It is like she completely disappeared from the camera lens.

A few reports, like the one coming from Liverampup, have Tantaros still dating Dave Navarro of Jane's Addiction fame. It has been over a year since the first reports of the news analyst dating the rocker hit the headlines in a match that some saw as a bit odd, but the chemistry was there!

Private life private.

Tantaros has a history of keeping her private life just that - private, so it is not known if she is still with Navarro or not. Although when her new book cover came out he did take to social media to say a few words to her on the much-anticipated arrival. Then for Valentine's Day this year Tantaros posted a romantic 'Love You' to Instagram. The words were spelled out in red jewels on a red background and while it wasn't addressed to anyone, many fans speculated that it was aimed at Navarro.

Tantaros is still nowhere to be found on Fox News or anywhere else for that matter, it is looking like this hiatus isn't as temporary as first thought. Although Tantaros still is listed as an Outnumbered host in the credits on the show's website and social media sites, not a word about her actually participating in this venue again has been mentioned.

Social media.

The latest posting from Tantaros' was on Instagram where she offered up an inspirational saying that was written on a picture of a lion standing behind a lioness.The picture said; "It doesn't matter what is in front of her because of what is behind her." Tantaros posted this on her Instagram with just the words "Friendly reminder," for a caption. What was the hidden meaning in this post? Some thought it meant the worst is behind her so the future can only look bright. Other's thought she was talking about a man in her life and yet some thought she's suggesting that she can't concentrate on the future because of what is nipping at her heels right now. Apparently, this is one saying with many different possible meanings behind it.

One thing for sure, this mystery of the whereabouts of Andrea Tantaros continues and what she has plans in the future is anyone's guess today.Still, you have to admit it is very odd that with all these inquiries about Tantaros, not one recent image of her is posted online.

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