Elysia, 9, and her brother were walking to their pool on Monday morning when the young girl saw something moving outside the fence of their home, according to her mother, Heidi Laub.The little girl said saw something squirming and wasn’t sure what it was and ran to her mother.

Newborn baby girl

Heidi said she was on her porch, chatting to her sister, when her daughter ran up saying she had found something in the yard “eithera baby or a pig, because she was so pink."

Laub told her sister she had to check it out and when she arrived at the scene, Heidi dropped her phone, as she could see little arms and legs moving.

It turned out it was an abandoned newborn baby girl, wrapped only in a towel and complete with her umbilical cord and placenta. The baby was lying in the sun approximately 100 yards from the road.

By this stage, the baby was crying and Heidi Laub grabbed her and ran inside, shouting to her daughter to call 911. After she wrapped the infant in a baby blanket, she reportedly soon calmed down.

As reported by The Chicago Tribune, Laub added that she could see the baby was alert and moving, which is always a good sign.

Taken to safety

Lake County Sheriff John Buncich later dubbed the baby “Miracle Baby Jane Doe,” and said that while it was still unclear, it looked like the baby was born within hours of being found lying there.

Buncich explained that the baby had been found in a very rural area and that if the girl hadn’t gone outside, the story would have had a very different outcome. Buncich added that his department has taken a personal approach to the case.

According to Buncich, the baby is expected to make a full recovery and is now under observation at the Franciscan St. Anthony Health in Crown Point and Child Protective Services would be releasing her into foster care soon.

Fox 32 reports that the umbilical cord and placenta have been sent out for forensic analysis to determine the infant’s age. The Sheriff sent out officers, a helicopter unit and K-9 units to search the area extensively in an effort to find the mother and are still actively searching for her or anyone who has knowledge of her.

Elysia is the abandoned infant's 'guardian angel'

In the meanwhile, nine-year-old Elysia is to be honored by the department in the near future, according to Buncich, who dubs her a “guardian angel.”

Reportedly, Elysia was hoping to visit Baby Jane Doe at the hospital, but she and the family were told they couldn’t. Nevertheless, Elysia is happy that she was able to help.

"When I first saw her, I was like, 'Is this real? Is this real?' I kept seeing something moving, but I thought it was a doll." Elysia said.

"Of all the yards she could've ended up in, [the birth mother] had to know she'd be safe with us."

As for her mom, she says it just has to be divine intervention. According to Laub if they had gone out there even an hour later in the 90-degree heat, the baby would not have made it.

"It's a miracle she survived, and I pray [the birth mother] gets the help she needs, because she's clearly hurting, too."

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