Showing how bizarre Election 2016 has become, PPP has offered the results of a poll that ask do you prefer President Hillary Clinton, President Donald Trump, or for the world to be wiped out by a giant meteor strike? 13 percent of the respondents opted for the meteor strike. Red State bemoaned the fact that other catastrophes were not included, such as the Zombie Apocalypse, which would have been even more popular. After all, who would not prefer a choice between Rick and Nagin to a choice between Hillary and Donald?

The results of the poll show how dysfunctional American politics have become when a significant number of American prefer the end of civilization, if not the end of all life, to the choices the major parties have presented us. We are faced, after all, with the option being between a woman whose campaign slogan might be, “All will worship me and despair!” and a man who might have to be talked down continuously from nuking the latest entity that has displeased him. The giant meteor scenario at least has the virtue of high drama.

And maybe Bruce Willis or Robert Duvall will save us in the end.

As long as one is spinning out weird scenarios, how about the following as a poll question? Do you or do you not wish Space aliens would abduct Hillary Clinton and/or Donald Trump before they can be nominated? Think through what that means and feel free to give an answer in the comments section.

Clinton and Trump being taken away in an alien space ship means that the parties will have to choose someone else.

For the Republicans that likely means Ted Cruz, though the establishment might prefer someone more “safe” like Paul Ryan or Mitt Romney. On the Democratic side, Bernie Sanders would claim the place as the nominee, though the establishment of that party would definitely prefer Vice President Joe Biden. No matter what the choice, the “hit by a giant meteor” option would collapse.

The winner of the presidential contest would have to promise to ramp up the space program.

We can’t have ET snatching politicians left and right. Eventually, they might grab someone we care about.

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