At least eight children and two adults have been injured after a roller coaster derailed and crashed 30-ft into the ground at M&D's theme park at Motherwell in Scotland on Sunday. The carriage carrying at least 10 kids derailed and smashed into the kid’s ride. The derailed carriage stuck upside down. Horrified parents rushed to rescue the kids. It is not clear exactly how many people are injured. Though the Scotland Police said 8 children and 2 adults are injured, earlier had tweeted that 9 children and 2 adults were injured.

Chaotic and scary atmosphere

People were all horrified and scared. Everybody was shocked and upset and many of them were crying out of shock.

One witness expressed his anguish that a young boy, whom he went to rescue, may have lost a hand in the accident after it was crushed under the carriage. Everybody at the theme park was so shocked that no one knew what to do before the arrival of emergency services. Another witness described the scene as like something out of a "horror film."

One witness said that he thought the roller coaster did not fall from the highest point as it slipped off the tracks around a corner. Had it fallen from the highest point casualties would have gone up. The park has been evacuated and closed down for the safety purpose of the visitors.

Scotland's only inverted roller coaster made by Italian company Pinfari

The theme park's website describes the Tsunami ride as 'Scotland's only inverted roller coaster with corkscrew twists, turns, and loops, made by Italian company Pinfari. It was their first inverted coaster whose speed can reach up to around 38mph.

The 1,1148ft long and 65ft tall roller coaster have been operating at M&Ds since 2004. The ride completes the loop in 1 minute 5 seconds, while its capacity is 900 per hour. Children under 10 are restricted from riding the Tsunami, and a minimum height restriction of 1.4m also applies.

Repeated accidents at the M&D theme park

This is not for the first time something has happened at M&D. In 2011, the ride suffered a mechanical failure and nine people were stranded 60 feet above the ground for eight long hours before being rescued. At that time, no one was injured in the incident. But it was alleged that the theme park authorities did not offer an apology to the victims following their rescue. In 2013 also, the ride hit a snag and stopped working 20 feet in the air. After one hour later eight stranded riders were rescued by the firefighters with the help of a "cherry picker" machine.

Eyewitnesses express shock and anguish on social media

Witness Paul Mcfadden posted on Facebook that he was near the ride when the crash happened and had tried to help two injured children.

One of the boys might have damaged his right hand very badly. Eyewitness Katie Burns said on Facebook, 'literally can't believe this, my heart goes out to everyone on it.'

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