What Obama declared on Monday at the Oval Office

Reuters and the AFP stated that the President Barack Obama declared on Monday that there was no clear evidence suggesting a movement of the ISIS extremists regarding the assault which had happened at the night club in Orlando. There is no indirect proof either, which could make people believe that the killer was only a part of a bigger plot.

However the killer might have been inspired by different extremist-related information on the internet. During the assault when Omar Mateen held the people in the club hostage, he did call 911, declaring his faith and allegiance to the jihadist group the Islamic State.

As Obama mentioned, the event did look similar to the one that had occurred back in December, when 14 persons had been murdered.

Obama met with the senior officials before his declaration to discuss the events that had taken place inside the nightclub. Among the officials, there were the FBI director James Comey, and the secretary for internal security Jeh Johnson.It seems indeed too hasty to believe that he acted as part of the jihadist group. When the authorities reached Omar’s house, his father insisted that he acted purely out of his hatred for homosexuals and not as an act for his religion.On the other hand, Barack Obama insisted that the United States considered the legislation risk regarding fire arms, which allows easy access to lethal weapons.

Mansour Turki explained how Mateen was part of something bigger

A spokesman of the Interior Ministry from Riyadh said on Monday that Omar Mateen had traveled to Saudi Arabia in 2011 and 2012. Mateen performed there two pilgrimages. Major General Mansour Turki said that one of them had lasted ten days in March 2011 and that the second lasted eight days in March 2012.

Nonetheless, there was a bloodbath and we must not forget about the people who did not deserve such a horrible end.

People are still in hospitals injured due to Omar’s assault and many families are now suffering, most likely pointing fingers at the Islamic State terrorist group.

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