Now that Great Britain has voted to exit the European Union, the crusade for Texas to secede from the U.S., aptly named Texit, is gaining steam. Just in the past few days, the Texas Nationalist Movement saw support for its agenda surge on social media.

Daniel Miller, the organization’s president, said the British people have made a choice to control their “political and economic destiny” and now Texas has the opportunity to do the same.

Now more than ever, the people of Texas need to gather and demand the right to self-govern, he said.

A growing idea

The Texas secession advocacy group claims to be the “largest independence movement in the United States.” With nearly 250,000 members, the group has been garnering support from both voters and elected officials.In May, the movement experienced a setback when state delegates decided not to endorse the suggestion of a referendum on secession. However, with the recent success of the Brexit movement, Texit went from a fringe fantasy dreamt up by radical idealists to a real government revolution. To keep the momentum, the advocacy group asked Texas Governor Greg Abbott to give Texans the opportunity to vote on the issue.

The Texit movement is driven by both economic and political principles, including a general dislike of big government and aversion to loose immigration rules.

The heart of the movement lies in the belief a large union cannot adequately serve the needs of individual member states.

More than just Texas

Similar Texit campaigns in other states have been cropping up for years. The Second Vermont Republic, led by secessionist Thomas Naylor, has been promoting the separation of Vermont for years.

The group lost its momentum in 2012 when Naylor passed away. Other states like Hawaii and New Hampshire have seen similar movements.

A big obstacle

While supporters of Texit faithfully believe the Texas constitution allows the state to withdraw from the U.S. at any time, this is not actually the case. In 1869, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that states cannot unilaterally secede from the union.Yet, this is not stopping Texit. According to the Texas Nationalist Movement, no law exists that specifically prevents a Texas secession. In 1836, the state declared independence from Mexico and was its own sovereign nation for nearly 10 years before becoming part of the U.S. Since the Brexit vote, many Texans think it is time to remember their heritage and declare independence once again.

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