The singer Christina Grimmie was a contestant onThe Voice show and she died after she was shot at the end of the concert she was performing at in Orlando on Friday. On Saturday, the police followed up with a press conference where they revealed information about the author of the Crime.

Christina Grimmie had a tragic end at her concert

Christina was shot in the head by the aggressor while she was signing autographs. After that he was immobilized by Christina’s brother, but he eventually managed to commit suicide.

The police were trying to find out if the man was a fan with mental issues stalkingChristina Grimmie on the social networks. It was confirmed that he was not a local and that he had come to Florida with the intention of preparing himself for this macabre plan.

The 22-year-old singer was immediately taken to the hospital, but the medics were not able to rescue her on time. The Orlando police force declared her decease. According to the authorities the young singer was shot on Friday at around 22:45 local time at The Plaza Live in Orlando.

The aggressor Kevin James Loibl was carrying two guns and investigations are still being carried out.

What do the police know about the aggressor’s intention?

During a press conference that was held on Saturday, a policeman declared that the aggressor was 27-years-old, a white male, and that he was not originally from Orlando. The criminal traveled to Orlando with the sole purpose of committing the murder and he was planning to return home afterwards.

The investigators are currently searching through his computer and telephone to detect the reason for the murder. The police also declared that the aggressor was carrying a round trip ticket that helped the authorities identify him.

Investigators have no reason to believe that the aggressor knew the singer and they didn’t find any evidence that he might have tried to contact her through social networks.

Fans of The Voice, including judge Adam Levine are in shock over such a tragedy, as many mourn.

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