After Donald Trump officially clinched the required number of delegates to become Republican nominee, all eyes were on who he would select as his running mate. Trump has kept his vice presidential short list quiet, but numerous leaks have provided a glimpse into who could be running with him in November.

Trump and Palin?

Retired neurosurgeon and former presidential candidate, Ben Carson, was tapped to help find the perfect running mate for Trump heading into the general election. Before he stepped aside from his position, Carson leaked a few names that were on the billionaire real estate mogul's short list.

One name that surprised many was former half-term Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, who had just recently announced her support for Trump earlier in the year. While certain names have been officially removed from consideration, including Florida Gov. Rick Scott, Palin still remains in contention and will be increasing her availability to the campaign, as reported by The Denver Post on June 22.

Donald Trump Jr. confirmed that his father wouldn't announce his running mate until the convention next month in Cleveland, Ohio, but that hasn't stopped the media from continuing their speculation.

Palin and Trump will be attending the conservative convention known as the "Western Conservative Summit" on July 1. The conference has been described as the "largest gathering of conservatives outside of Washington, DC," and Trump and Palin's involvement have many wondering if her chances at another run as vice president have become more of a reality.

Controversial history

Palin officially endorsed Trump back in January, making a pubic appearance to do so less than 24 hours after her son, Track, was arrested on domestic violence charges. Since that time, Palin has made various campaign stops for Trump, often finding herself in the headlines with questionable actions during her speeches.

Palin once referred to the billionaire real estate mogul as a "golden wrecking ball," while also claiming that illegal immigrants were being bribed into the country with soccer balls. Despite the controversy, Trump only trails likely Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton by seven points in the most recent general election polls.

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