New details about Sunday's deadly shooting at an Orlando nightclub continue to be uncovered, as investigators delve further into the strange life of shooter Omar Mateen. Several witnesses have confirmed that Omar Mateen had visited Pulse nightclubmore than once before he open-fired on hundreds of its patrons early this week. According to Chris Callen, one of the bar's performers, Mateen had been visiting the bar for at least three years. Another performer who also remembered seeing Mateen said that he usually came alone and never talked much, but always drank a lot. A few times he became so drunk and belligerent that he had to be escorted from the bar.

Callen remembered that when he did talk, Mateen sometimes complaining about his father's strictness and the rigidity of his home life. Ty Smith, another one of Pulse's employees, also remembers him complaining about his family. Both performers made it a point to avoid Mateen after he drunkenly threatened them with a knife during one of his visits.

A confusing history

Other Pulse regulars recalled not only seeing Mateen at the bar but also receiving messages from him via a dating app for gay singles. Pulse patron Kevin West recalls getting several messages from Mateen, as well as seeing him enter the bar about an hour before the shooting began. Mateen's ex-wife, who he was married to for only a matter of months, also claimed he had a history of violent behavior.

She referred to him in one interview as 'abusive' and 'unstable, and says that she ended the relationship due to multiple instances of domestic violence. Ex-co-workers of Mateen's also cited many instances of anger issues and claimed he'd often go on racist and homophobic rants while on the job. One co-worker even left his position as a security guard because he felt spending time with Mateen was becoming 'toxic.' Mateen died in a shootout with police early Sunday morning after killing 50 people and injuring 53.

Many around the globe are mourning the loss of life in the deadliest attack on American soil since 9/11.

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