Joseph Christen Thoresen, a 35-year-old man from Deer River, Minnesota, has been accused of murdering a man who allegedly sexually assaulted his girlfriend, by stabbing and then decapitating him. The man, 20-year-old David Haiman, was planning to visit the couple on June 21st when Thoresen's girlfriend, referred to in the report only as K.D.G., told him about the alleged rape. Once Haiman arrived, the couple confronted him about the rape, subsequently tying him up and physically assaulting him with his permission. K.D.G. told the police that Thoresen screamed at Haiman about how he shouldn't have touched 'his girl' while he was assaulting him.

After the couple took turns punching Haiman, the three supposedly forgave each other and left the apartment to buy drugs.

A bizarre turn of events

After scoring 'some bud' as K.D.G. puts in in her description of events, the three drove out to a remote wooded area to smoke weed and meth with other friends. After some time in the woods, the three left in Haiman's truck, when Haiman reportedly started getting belligerent and verbally abusive towards Thoresen's girlfriend. According to both K.D.G. and Thoresen's accounts, he began calling her things like a 'slut' and 'a worthless piece of sh*t.' His outburst ignited another argument regarding the sexual assault, which was interrupted when Haiman's truck began exhibiting mechanical problems.

The two men stepped out to investigate, and as they did, Thoresen struck Haiman with a baseball bat and proceded to stab him multiple times in the lungs. Thoresen then pulled a larger knife from a loop on Haiman's belt and decapitated him with it, all while K.D.G. was reportedly screaming at Thoresen to stop.

He then disposed of the remains in the woods, where police found them 4 days later.

Accidental justice

Several days later, the police attempted to pull over a vehicle for an obstructed license plate and for the passenger not wearing a seatbelt. The two in the car, which ended up being Haiman's truck, were Thoresen and an acquaintance.

They fled from the police, exceeding speeds of 90mph and crashing into two ditches before the driver exited the vehicle and fled into the woods. Thoresen, the passenger in the truck, also tried to flee but was ordered onto the ground by gunpoint and arrested. The driver, who is referred to in the police report as T.M.C., told police about the brutal murderThoresen had confessed to committing after he was found and questioned awhile later. Police connected the story to the Haiman's missing person's report, which had been filed shortly after his homicide. Thoresen is currently being held on a $2 million bail ($1 million conditional bail) and faces a felony charge of second-degree murder.

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