One of the most classic rock songs of all time Stairway to Heaven, had been taken to court over the similarities between the opening of the song, and the opening of the instrumental Taurus by 60's psychedelic group Spirit. This has been a complaint for several years from band member Randy Wolfe, but he never filed a suit. Wolf died in 1997 and trustee Michael Skidmore decided to take it to court.

Led Zeppelin had crossed paths with Spirit

Skdmore made the claim that Zeppelin most likely knew the song, because the two bands had shared several bills early on in their career. While Jimmy Page and Robert Plant don't dispute that the two bands played together, they did dispute knowledge of the song.

The two have no memories of every watching that band play, and swear that the song was completely original.

Jury says the similarities aren't enough

The jury stated that it is of course possible that the group had heard that song, their certainly would have been access to it.

They listened to the opening of Stairway to Heaven and decided that the two were not similar enough to be charged with copyright infringement. Plant said that " we are pleased that it has ruled in our favor, putting to rest questions about the origins of 'Stairway to Heaven' and confirming what we have known for 45 years". The song has made an estimated $500 million since its release in 1971.

Plaintiff's lawyer says band won on technicalities

Skidmore's attorney Francis Malofey didn't agree with the jury on the decision made.

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He told reporters that they had heard the music, and new that access to the song was a strong possibility but they never heard Taurus. The jury had only looked at sheet music of that song to decide whether or not it was the same. Malofey didn't agree with that and thought that the judge should have listened to both songs before making the ruling. "We tried to carry on Randy's legacy, we had a small team versus multinational corporations, I think we did a really good job, Malofey said.

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