Karate instructor Stephannie Figueroa was arrested last week after sending nude photos to an 11-year-old boy. The Orlando, Florida woman is facing multiple charges, including attempted lewd or lascivious conduct, solicitation and contributing to the delinquency of a minor, showing a minor obscene material, and child abuse.

A mother’s startling discovery

On June 15, the mother of the boy found numerous lewd messages on her son’s phone that appeared to be from the karate instructor. The mother questioned the boy about the messages later that evening. The boy explained that 21-year-old Figueroa sent nude photos of herself and her “private parts.” Shocked, the boy’s mother immediately called police.

Unwanted affection

A police affidavit revealed the boy said his karate teacher started “making advances” toward him in February and often talked about how much she liked him. Despite the boy’s apprehensions, Figueroa would rub his thigh and try to kiss him when nobody was around.

Inappropriate relationship

Sending various texts through the messaging app Kik, Figueroa told the pre-teen how she wanted to have sex with him. The instructor also wanted him to spend the night with her at the martial arts school where they met.

Another message invited the boy to her 21st birthday party where they could be alone.

Teaching more than karate

Authorities said the boy received about 15 nude or partially nude pictures of his karate instructor. All of the photos were deleted before police were able to view them.Police fear the karate instructor may have victimized other kids.

Parents are urged to question their children if they had any prior contact with Figueroa.

No evidence of physical contact

Before her arrest, Stephannie Figueroa taught karate at Next Gen Xtreme Martial Arts in Orlando. The owner of the school has hired an attorney and per video surveillance footage, nothing happened inside the facility.

The karate instructor is currently being held in a Orange County jail without bond. Further details should emerge as the investigation continues.

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