Yoga is an ancient Indian meditationand exercise philosophy that has existed for centuries. Yogic poses are mentioned in the ancient Indian epic "The Mahabharata". Considering thatthe Mahabharata was written in about the 4-5 century BC, this exercise and meditation regimen has a very ancient past. Yoga has two aspects namely the spiritual and the physical. In the end, both synthesize and help the body get rejuvenated. After the arrival of Narendra Modi as the prime minister, the Indian government decided to publicize this exercise and meditation philosophy to the entire world.

The UN was enthusiastic and declared 21 June as World Yoga Day.

World yoga day

Yoga has become extremely popular in the 21st century. Credit must go to many yogiswho spread the message of yoga in the West and the USA. Among them Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Swamy Brahmacharya, Acharya Rajneesh and many more who spread yoga in the West. Americans took up yoga enthusiastically and hundreds flocked to ashrams in India, to understand the meditation techniques and the various poses. Some of the poses are extremely intricate and have to be learnt with a guru, but they have proved to be extremely beneficial.

Its importance can be realized from the fact that thousands took part in a mass yoga session at Madison Square and more important Baba Ramdev conducted a class for Muslim women in Dubai, some of whom carried out yogic poses under his guidance wearing a burkha.Many thousands attended this yoga session.

The future of yoga

Yoga is now accepted all over the world.Among foreigners Americans are the most consistent followers of Yoga and many practice meditation techniques as taught in this science.

Advanced yogic poses and techniquesare supposed to elevate the spirit of the human being to another realm, though no scientific research has been done on this. Yoga is extremely beneficial to women and helps in easier childbirth as well as regaining the elasticity of the body. In India yoga day was celebrated with great fanfare and the Prime Minister Narendra Modi led a session at Chandigarh.

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