In the aftermath of the worst mass shooting in recent American history, the deaths of 49 innocent individuals at the "Pulse" nightclub in Orlando, Florida have become political ping pong balls. After congressional Republicans voted down multiple gun control bills earlier this week, House Democrats decided to take drastic measures to get their point across.

Gun sit-in

Democratic members of the House of Representatives decided to hold a sit-in Wednesday morning to protest the recent Republican opposition to gun control.

Led in part by Democratic Rep. John Lewis, from Georgia, dozens of lawmakers forced the House to abandon their usual agenda, which led to Republicans taking control of the C-SPAN camerasand forcing them to turn off, as reported by The Hill on June 22.

"We have turned deaf ears to the blood of the innocent and the deaths in our nation," Lewis said, directing his views to Paul Ryan, "Mr, Speaker, where is the heart of this body.

Where is our soul?" A spokeswoman for Ryan then announced that the chamber would be in indefinite recess until the Democratic sit-in was over. The Republican majority are in control of the cameras that send the feed to C-SPAN, and they decided they would go black.

Democratic House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer began speaking, but the C-SPAN feed quickly went dark as Republican Rep.

Ted Poe decided to gavel the House to closure.

Internet savvy

With the television cameras cut, Democratic members of the House decided to use their smart phones to link to the internet and broadcast the sit-in live. House members used Periscope to live stream the sit-in, while others took to their official Twitter accounts. Lewis addressed the sit-in, stating, "House sit-in: "It had to be dramatic.

It had to be out of the ordinary. We acted."

Republicans were not pleased, voicing their displeasure. Republican Rep. Mark Walker used his Twitter account to speak against the Democrats' efforts, stating, "Calling this a sit-in is a disgrace to Woolworth's. They sat-in for rights. Dems are "sitting-in" to strip them away."

The Aftermath

After 29-year-old domestic Islamic terrorist Omar Mateen opened fire at the nightclub just over a week ago, many wondered if that would finally be the straw the broke the camel's back when it comes to increased gun control.

President Obama and Hillary Clinton have both voiced their support for increased action on guns, but it appears their Republican counter-parts want nothing to do with their proposals.

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