Donald Trump might be a self-funding billionaire, but his current campaign status has started to raise eyebrows. While Trump became the last man standing in the GOP primary, it appears he will have a difficult battle on his hands moving forward.

Trump's campaign troubles

In a report by The Washington Examiner last month, Senior campaign advisor, Paul Manafort, met with a group of Republican senate chief of staffs to inform them of the campaign's current financial troubles. Manafort told those in attendance that the Trump campaign would not have enough funds to compete with likely Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in November.

Just weeks later, Ed Rollins, co-chairman of the pro-Trump Great America PAC, confirmed the news during an interview on Fox News Radio. While many Trump supporters brushed off the news as nothing more than propaganda, a report filed to the Federal Election Commission (FEC) paints an even darker picture than many previously thought, as reported by The Hill on June 21.

As the month of May came to a close, the Trump campaign was down to their last $1.3 million. The number is one of the lowest in recent memory for a presidential candidate of a major political party, and puts him at a distinct disadvantage heading into the general election.

The billionaire real estate mogul was only able to raise $3.1 million in May, compared to $26.4 million raised by Clinton.

In a similar report sent to the FEC, Clinton's campaign is currently sitting on $42.5 million.

The New York Times went on to report late Monday night that Trump's gap in fundraising is one of the widest margins in election history. At the current rate of spending and lack of incoming funds, the Trump campaign is on pace to run out of cash before the convention unless drastic changes are made.

Campaign chaos

In addition to making various changes to his staff over the last month, Trump made his biggest cut of all Monday morning. Controversial campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, was finally fired after months of speculation. Lewandowski has been in and out of the news as of late, from allegedly hitting a protester and grabbing the arm of a female reporter, to bringing a female campaign spokeswoman to tears during a public shouting match. Despite the issues, Trump is only trailing Clinton by seven points in the latest general election polls.

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