Ever since clinching the Republican nomination last month following his win at the Indiana primary, Donald Trump has found himself involved in a constant cloud of controversy. Questions continue to mount regarding his current financial status, whether it's with his personal tax returns or his campaign funds.

Trump's financial trouble

Over the last month, there have been numerous reports that have exposed Trump in regards to his tax history, as tax returns dating back to the late 1970s show the billionaire real estate mogul not paying any federal income tax.

In addition, stories continue to break that highlight Trump's lack of money in the bank for his campaign, which was confirmed by a letter to the FEC late Monday night. Trump finally addressed some of these issues on his official Twitter account on Tuesday, as reported by The Hill on June 21.

"I am 'the king of debt,'" Trump admitted, stating, "That has been great for me as a businessman, but is bad for the country.

I made a fortune off of debt, will fix U.S." Despite calling himself the "king of debt," Trump also released a post to his Instagram account where he criticized President Obama and likely Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton for bankrupting the United States. "Obama-Clinton inherited $10T in debt and turned it into nearly $20T," Trump posted to Instagram, noting, "They have bankrupted America while making their donors rich!"

Hitting back, Clinton has taken to the campaign trail to fire back at Trump, stating, "He's written a lot of books. They all seem to end in Chapter 11.

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Go figure."


Trump accusing Obama and Clinton of bankrupting the country is ironic considering the GOP nominee's own history on the subject. Confirmed by Politifact, Trump-owned businesses have filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy four times over the years. Despite his troubles, Trump has been able to become the last man standing in the Republican primary. While Trump had previously started to narrow the general election gap, Clinton has begun to pull away in recent weeks. According to the most recent round of polls, the former Secretary of State currently holds a seven point national lead over the former host of "The Apprentice."

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