A Father’s Day outing has gone awry as the coast guard is currently searching for a father and his three kids. The Coast Guard is frantically searching for the father and his three teenage children off the coast of Florida near Englewood. In a released statement to the press, the coast guard relayed a message from the Father to his brother via a phone call Sunday. His call indicated the 29 foot boat was buffetting against six-foot waves and they were “attempting to survive”.

The family has not been heard from.

The Maritime Emergency Response Team ss well as several airplanes is looking for the family.

The search began on Tuesday after a family member reported the family missing. At 7 a.m. on Sunday June 17. The father, along with his two sons, ages 13 and 15 and his 17 year old daughter departed for Fort Myers where they planed to have repairs done to the 29 foot sail boat. Mariners with any information were asked to contact the Coast Guard’s St. Petersburg sector at 727-824-7506.

Recommendations for safe boating.

When going boating, be sure to have an emergency plan in place. For instance, you need to have a safety preparedness kit for your boat, which should include:

  • Life jackets for every person on board
  • Navigational Lights
  • A Map of Chart of the area in which you will be boating.
  • Flares
  • A Signaling Device, such as a loud horn
  • Rope
  • First Aid Kit
  • Your cell phone or a CB Radio

Other recommendations.

Other recomendations for safety is to know the weather before you go out on the water.

If a big storm is predicted for later in the day then plan to be off the water before the storm hits. This way you are not caught off guard when water conditions may become less favorable for boating. Make sure your friends and family know where you'll be and when you are expecting to arrive on shore.

They should know your exact traveling route so if anything happens, they have a map to hand to rescuers. Also, keep in contact with these people so they know if you are on schedule and that you are safe at the current time.

Boating can be fun, but it is important to prepare for a safe trip.

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