Over two years after the release of The Wolf of Wall Street, the film is back in the headlines. This time, however, it isn't being praised, quite the opposite as former stock brokerage executive Andrew Greene files a lawsuit. Greene states the character Nicky "Rugrat" Koscoff, plays the part of Greene, and is seen throughout the film in a very negative light.

Drug use, prostitutes, and misogynist tendencies

Greene says the character of Koscoff is seen throughout the film abusing drugs, relations with prostitutes, and a scene in which he shaves a woman's head.

Greene and his lawyers have filed a 25 million dollar lawsuit against Paramount Pictures. Lawyers on the other side, though, have a problem with the allegations claiming that there is no sufficient evidence to prove that the character of Nicky "Rugrat" Koscoff is indeed Andrew Greene.

Leonardo Dicaprio to testify

To add to The Wolf of Wall Street case, Leonardo Dicaprio the star of the film who plays Jordan Belmont is set to testify in this case. This has caused another dispute between lawyers on both sides.

Greene's claiming that although he did not direct, nor write the script for the film, he was part of the decision-making process and therefore is part responsible. Dicaprio's lawyers take the other side on this claiming that he should not be held responsible for the portrayal of Kozcoff.

Lawyers to discuss case with Dicaprio in L.A

Greene's lawyers understand that the Actor has a very busy schedule, and have agreed to meet him in Los Angeles if he cannot find the time to travel and meet them somewhere's else.

The Wolf of Wall Street

The film stars Leonardo Dicaprio, Jonah Hill, and Margot Robbie. It was nominated for five academy awards including best actor(Dicaprio), best-supporting actor (Hill) and best film. It did not win any of the awards it was nominated for but Dicaprio did take home best actor in a leading role during the Golden Globes. The case is ongoing and there will be more information released, in the coming months.

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