In a tragic incident, ex-star of ‘Voice’, Christina Grimmie was shot at and killed, while signing autographs for fans by a gunman at the PlazaLiveconcert venuein Orlando on Friday night. While the brother of Grimmie tried to overpower the assailant, the gunman killed himself. The Orlando police department on its official Twitter page has also confirmed that Grimmie had died.

Orlando Police.

“With deep regret, we have confirmed Christina Grimmie, @TheRealGrimmie has died from her injuries”. The shooting was reported at the Bumby Avenue venue about 10:30 p.m. after a concert by the band Before you Exit and Grimmie.

Grimmie, opened the show, then ‘Before You Exit’ took the stage. The spokesperson of Orlando Police said that about 60 to 100 people were in attendance, though only a handful remained when the shooting happened.

Grimmie and the bandwere signing autographs when the tragedy happened.

The show ended about 10 p.m. After the show, Grimmie and the band signed autographs for the fans near a merchandise table inside the venue. Suddenly a person armed with two guns fired at Grimme, injuring her fatally. The brother of the singer apprehended the suspect.

The gunman killed himself.

During the tussle, the gunman shot himself. The gunman has not been identified and the reason behind the incident is not yet clear.

Police are trying to ascertain his identity. Shortly before the concert Grimmie had posted a video of herself, encouraging fans to come and see her perform. She had no idea that one of those fans would be there to take life.

Just 22 years old.

Grimmie, 22, who was born in New Jersey, finished third during season six of the US series of The Voice.

Several of her videos have gained millions of viewers on the YouTube site. “The Voice” paid tribute to Grimmie on its official Twitter page: “There are no words. We lost a beautiful soul with an amazing voice. ”We are heartbroken, they said. Our thoughts are with her and her family. This terrible tragedy is reminiscent of the John Lennon of the Beatles whose assassinationrocked the world back in December 1980.

It is one thing to be famous, but fame comes with exposure to the public, and the public are not always predictabale.

Raised in New Jersey.

Grimmie was brought up in Marlton, New Jersey, where she attended Baptist Regional Elementary School and Cherokee High School. She was of Italian and Romanian descent. Her father noticed her singing talent when she was just six years old and she started playing the piano at the age of ten.

Fans paid tribute to departed soul through social media

Grimmie's fans expressed their solidarity when they first heard about the unfortunate incident. #PrayforChristina was the top trending hashtag on Twitter, when Grimmie was admitted in the hospital. After her death was confirmed, #RIPChristina became the top trending hashtag as Grimmie's fans outpoured their grief in social media.

Earlier this year, Grimmie released her second EP,Side A, which consisted of four songs, had the plans to later releaseSide B.

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