Bernie Sanders keeps fighting.

Bernie Sanders has run one of the most interesting campaigns in modern political history. Although the news cycle has been dominated by Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders has done a great job of stirring up support for his ideas. Over the past couple of months, it has become apparent that the establishment will not allow Bernie to win. There is both a math problem and a supporter problem for the candidate from Vermont. No matter what you think of his politics, Bernie has struck a chord with many young voters in America.

In a recent speech to supporters, he offered no concession in this race. He says that he will do whatever it takes to keep Donald Trump from winning the White House, but that he will continue fighting for the Democratic Party nomination.

Why he has appeal.

Bernie Sanders is not the typical American candidate. He is old, does not look great and has a lot of socialist ideals. However, many people in the United States have various good things to say about the candidate. He is one of the few politicians in the country who seems passionate about his beliefs.

You have to respect a person who will not compromise in an era of political uncertainty. Many young people are saddled with record levels of student loan debt. This is something that will have an affect on future home purchases, along with hurting the middle class. Bernie Sanders may not be the perfect candidate, but times are so tough for many people that they are willing to support his wild ideals.

In a way, a lot of his supporters are like that of Donald Trump.

Future legacy.

Bernie Sanders will not win the nomination to go up against Donald Trump. However, he will leave a legacy of refusing to compromise his beliefs and always going to fight for the working man or woman. He has opened up a lot of conversations about race and gender inequality in the country, and has spoken out against big business.

There are few people who do not believe that he is passionate about his beliefs.

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