President Barack Obama has officially endorsed Hillary Clinton to be his successor to be the president of the United States. On the one hand, he had to do it. Clinton is the presumptive nominee. On the other hand, Obama has opened himself up to lots of embarrassment if the FBI decides to hand the Justice Department a criminal referral surrounding the email server affair. Obama has the choice, in that case, of either authorizing the indictment of a woman he publically wished to be president or of squashing the indictment in a blatant political move.

Either way, Donald Trump must be rubbing his hands with glee.

Of course, the possibility exists that Obama has some inside information that the Bureau is not going to recommend an indictment. Such news would run contrary to months of rumors and innuendos coming out of the email server investigation.

Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders, having met privately with the president, came out and gave a five-minute statement with the air of a man who has been threatened by the capo di tutti capi but has not entirely backed down.

He pledged his support to the effort to stop Donald Trump from becoming president. He did not suspend his campaign for president nor did he endorse Hillary Clinton for president.

Hillary Clinton is, understandably, rejoicing over the Obama endorsement, the ongoing criminal investigation notwithstanding. However, the president’s ability to get anyone else but himself elected has been lacking, as the two political tsunamis of 2010 and 2014 demonstrated.

Obama has recovered some of his popularity for the time being. An economic downturn or a foreign policy disaster, both of which are distinct possibilities, would put the president and his former secretary of state under water with dispatch.

Imagine what would happen if, having refused to indict, someone at the FBI leaks all the evidence against Hillary Clinton. Obama is apparently gambling that he and Hillary can brazen it out, depending on their ability to scare people about a Trump presidency.

But the gambit buttresses the impression that the current president and his hand-picked successor are corrupt to the marrow. Enough voters may choose scary over evil when the time comes.

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