Roots, nostalgia, and a trip down memory lane

Singer/Songwriter Tod Hughes has a very bare bones approach to his songwriting, song structure, and overall appeal. The Canadian artist is a true storyteller of old, as his music evokes a feeling of stepping through time into a bygone era, inducing a level of nostalgia on his latest record "Time Slow Down" that not only gives the illusion of slowing down time itself, but stepping back into it.

As the opening and title track of the record, "Time Slow Down" is a very traditional opening number, with bouncy instrumentation that truly harkens back to times of old. Overall, it's a feel-good number that reminds us all to take a moment and soak life up, to take a moment out of our busy schedules to stop and smell the roses, as it were. It's possible that this style of music may not appeal to some modern listeners, however, for those that appreciate smooth, relaxed delivery, with a positive message and a truly old style, this opening number will surely pique your interest for the entire record.

"One of a Kind" is a more up-tempo offering that would be right at home in any dive bar or small, intimate venue. Bluesy licks, walking bass, and driving drums push the track forth as it still has that same, laid back delivery of the opener that gives off the feeling of just jamming in your backyard or living room. There's an ease to the music that's very inviting for the listener, and that ease also lends to the sense of accessibility that this roots music inspires -- a kind of blue collar approach that allows listeners to cut through the red tape and get right to the heart of the matter.

Overall, Singer/Songwriter Tod Hughes has put together a body of work on this album that certainly stays true to its niche of roots and Americana that will surely appeal to those that like that style. Overall a solid effort, through and through. In a similar vein as many of the great storytellers such as Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, and Leonard Cohen, Hughes offers a modern take on a classic sound.

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